Join Gail McKenna and Stephen Mulhern for a series packed with fantastic animals from all over the world!

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Hatching Corn Snake
Killer Instinct
Sheepdog Challenge
Sound Bite Game 1
Do It Yourself: Tracking Mat
Collection Card 1
Little & Large: Owl
Snake Charming
Sheepdog Challenge 2
Sound Bite Game 2
Do It Yourself: Pond In A Bowl
Collection Card 2
Little & Large: Rabbits
Foxes and Raccoons
Collection Card 3
Do It Yourself: Metamorphosis Chamber
Levan's Story
Sound Bite Game 3
Fearsome Freshwater Shark
Sound Bite Game 4
Do It Yourself: Fox Spotter
Josh's Story
Little And Large: Horse
Collection Card 4
Fear Of Snakes
Little And Large: Dog
Collection Card 5
Stephen's Worst Nightmare
Sound Bite Game 5
Electric Eel
Challenge: Help The Vet
Assassin Bugs
Sound Bite Game 6
Wild Webcams
Collection Card 6
Little And Large: Donkey
Cracking Crab
Collection Card 7
Do It Yourself: Slowworm Home
Challenge: Help The Vet 2
Sound Bite Game 7
Tailless Whip Scorpion
Challenge: Communicate With Wolves
Collection Card 8
Do It Yourself: Homing Snails
Sound Bite Game 8
Japanese Giant Spider Crab
Sugar Glider
Collection Card 9
Challenge: Help The Vet 3
Sound Bite Game 9
Do It Yourself: Bird Brain Teaser
Crocodile Death Roll
Collection Card 10
Do It Yourself: Spider Ladder
Sound Bite Game 10
Challenge: Hypnotise A Chicken

In The Studio: Mermaid's Purse
In The Studio: Monkey Business
In The Studio: Jaguar Cubs
In America...: Pesky Critters 1
Little and Large: Birds of Prey
In The Studio: Raccoon Dogs
In America...: Pesky Critters 2
Brilliant But Deadly: Fat Tailed Scorpion
Do It Yourself: Whose Hole?
Creature Feature: Takeaway Duck
Spot The Difference: Crocodile & Alligator
Do It Yourself: Hedgehog Teepee
Close Encounters: Shark Attack
Challenge: Milking A Camel
Little and Large: Puppies
Brilliant But Deadly: Funnel Web Spider
In America...: Biggest Cat In The World
In The Studio: Rat & Water Vole
Spot The Difference: Crow & Raven
Little and Large: Goats
Do It Yourself: Butterfly Feeder
In America...: Meeting Bubbles
Spot The Difference: Weasel And Stoat
Creature Feature: Stone Eating Dog
Brilliant But Deadly: Stonefish
Do It Yourself: Sunflower Shower Feeder
In America...: Snake Bite
Little and Large: Bulls
Creature Feature: Lion v Porcupine
Creature Feature: Bike Riding Owl
Challenge: Husky Race 1
In The Studio: Aliens
In The Studio: Armadillo
Put It To The Test: Egyptian Vulture
Challenge: Husky Race 2
Put It To The Test: Catfish
In The Studio: Caracal
Do It Yourself: Sky Spy
Brilliant But Deadly: Blue Ringed Octopus
Challenge: Lambing
Little and Large: Pythons
Do It Yourself: Creepy Crawly Catcher
Challenge: Camel Racing
Brilliant But Deadly: Indian Tiger

Put It To The Test: Leopard
In The Studio: Waldo's Story
South Africa: Michelle's Snake Encounter
Peticulars: Hamsters
Challenge: Piranha
In The Studio: Bears
Close Encounters: Black Widow Spider
South Africa: Jessica The Hippo
In The Studio: Skateboarding Owls
Peticulars: Lizards
South Africa: Microchipping A Rhino
In The Studio: World's Biggest Rabbit
Challenge: Birds Of Prey Display
Challenge: Guess The Animal
In The Studio: Wells Catfish
Challenge: Al Paca Shearing
Close Encounters: African Elephant
In The Studio: Scorpions
In The Studio: Mata Mata Turtle
South Africa: The Vulture Man
Put It To The Test: Fishy Predators
Challenge: Dog Dancing
Peticulars: Puppies
Put It To The Test: Egg Eating Snake
South Africa: Wildcare Trust
Close Encounters: Lynx Peticulars: Rats
South Africa: Baboon Sanctuary
In The Studio: Maggot Therapy
Put It To The Test: Dog v Pig
A Peticulars: Snakes
South Africa: Buffalo Attack
Challenge: Miniature Horse Display
In The Studio: Leeches
In The Studio: Painting Otter
Peticulars: Smaller Pets
South Africa: Personal Reserve
In The Studio: Flying Frog
Australian Frilled Lizard
Peticulars: Chinchillas
Put It To The Test: Hunting Snakes
Put It To The Test: Timed Vulture